John Scarrow - What makes you ForeverGood?

John Scarrow - What makes you ForeverGood?

Who are you ?

What my name? John Scarrow. I'm a car mechanic.


What makes you feel ForeverGood? 



What does 'community' mean to you?

Looking out for each other and mutual respect.


Have you always worked on cars, and if not, was it a passion before your career?

I have always worked on cars. The weird back story behind it is when I was a kid I had some teeth extracted, and it felt like carnage, I was waking up and seeing what I thought was blood, everywhere. It was probably mostly saliva (hahah) but it looked like blood to me. For being so brave my father took me to Hamleys and bought me a model Porsche. The 917, with it came all the stories of how Porsche wiped the floor out of everyone in 70' and 71 at Le Mans. This model Porsche was always about - even when I was a teenager it sat on my shelf in my bedroom, golf colours blue and orange. The car went on to become a phenomenon. It held the longest distance traveled at Le Mans until about 10 years ago. 1970-2010, maybe 2011. That is how far ahead of the game they were, no car traveled more distance in that race in 24 hours for 40 years! Shows you what a superb car it was. That was the start of me getting into cars. My father passed away just 3 months before I was set to take my O-levels. I completely screwed up my exams considering what had been spent on my education, which in turn I didn't get to go to university. However, 6 months after I picked myself up and realized I had to do something. I did a year of general engineering at a local technical college and then I took a placement with Porsche and the rest as they say is history.

What's your go-to piece of clothing, and if so, why is it a staple?

Ooooo gotta be the Nikeys isn't, those air max 95s, I bought another pair on Sunday, my bum bag is my world as it has everything I need in there but yeah, the 95s have been a keeper as they are a good looking trainer. Working on cold concrete all day everyday they are quite flexible,suffer the use they get, and still last the year. People go ahh why do you wear 150-pound trainers to work! I say because I spend all day in them and I would spend 300 quid if that's what it took to have something comfy and stylish on my feet.

What's the best (and worst) piece of advice you've gotten?

When you're as old as me you get a lot of fucking advice

  • Worst advice  - Vote labour!

  • Best - Always trust a woman's intuition and Buy German! 

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Old school, not big on the current stuff, Stormzy hasn't got anything I like out at the moment. Though I like his stuff and him as a person. It's probably Light of The World - London Town or The Brothers Johnson - Stomp.

How have you seen the area change?

Oh my god, leaps and bounds. It was not the most salubrious of places when we came here, having said that it was all part of the master plan. Because not long after we came here the Jubilee Line went in which gave people access from Canary Wharf. Then we were near enough to the city that people can walk across from tower bridge, in turn that opened Canary wharf. The area has come leaps and bounds when we first came here you wouldn't leave anything 15 feet from the door because some scag head would come running in and grab it. It was more that kind of area when we first came here. But, we sucked it up and got on with it, then nice people moved in. It wasn't all bad, the kids across the road from the youth club used to come over and pounce cigs from me and get me to fix their bikes and that sort of thing, but now they're grown-ups with their own kids. The older you get the quicker time goes. Make the most of it and live life to the fullest!

How Long has tower Porsche been on Druid street?

'94, I think, so it might actually be 27 years. That's when we opened up Tower Porsche. 

We are driven by creativity, defined by action, and brought to life through community. What, if any, pillars inspire you/others that the world's current environment could benefit from?

Keep your head down and crack on. Or do what I like to think I do, which is help anyone in any way you can because you never know when you might need a leg yourself. Mental health is a fragile thing, so who knows?