Down bad with Jad: Slawn

Down bad with Jad: Slawn

Hello and welcome to Down bad with Jad, where we ask sophisticated people some very serious questions. 

In my first installment I am interviewing Slawn. Cult leader and international fuck head.


  1. Do you put your socks on first or your pants?

 Firstly, I bust a nut before doing anything, but then I put my socks on first before my boxers, but sometimes I bust a nut on my chest then use my socks to clean it up.


  1. If weed/tobacco were humans, would they be racist to each other?

 Definitely, and if ami was a type of people they would be black people #jk.


  1. Do you prefer speakers or headphones?

 Earphones, but it depends on the scene if in like watching porn then for sure speakers


  1. Would you rather your significant other to be more attractive than you?

No because I have the most beautiful soul you feel me.


  1. If you could drink one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Strawberry flavored water, cause it’s like water but it has a flavor as well


  1. Would you not be able to fall in love or not have sex again?

Are u crazy! not fall in love again, I just need to bust a nut.


  1. Would you rather sneeze every time you fart or fart every time you sneeze?

Sneeze every time I fart.


  1. Would you rather go to jail knowing you are not guilty for 10 years or send someone else to jail knowing they are not guilty for 5?

I would send someone else to jail because I don’t give a fuck!


  1. Do you pour sauce on your fries or dip the fry into the sauce?

I do not trust anyone who puts sauce on their fries, you need to dip it to know the amount of sauce you’re putting, anyone that pours the sauce is scary.


  1. Who do you blame for your stupidity?

My dad definitely, I think my dad is more stupid than me but not in a bad way just like I don’t think way, but the critical thinking come from my dad’s side of the family.


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